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The newest book out is called Paint It Black, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo.com, or Black Opal Books. Anyone who knew my late husband Frank might recognize some incidents that take place in this book! It’s the story of a young policeman in Washington, D.C. Note well: it is fiction, so if you feel as if you see characters who are based on real people, it’s not true. But I hope you read it, and I hope you let me know if you like it!

Paint it black cover.jpg

John Griffin, a very young Bostonian with a wife and a daughter, takes the wrong exam—he wanted to take the exam to be a firefighter in Boston, but because of his dyslexia, he takes one instead to be a policeman in the District of Columbia. And after he passes the test, he decides to go to Washington. The book begins there and I call it a seriocomedy, not quite funny enough to be a romcom, but a romcom’s cousin with very serious underlying themes.