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I'm delighted to announce that my latest book, Old Fashioned with a Twist, Book 4 in the Dana Cohen Mystery Series, is available for Kindle preorder on Amazon, and will be released in both soft copy and Kindle editions on January 13, 2018. You will also be able to order Old Fashioned with a Twist as well as all the other Dana Cohen mysteries from Barnes & Noble, Kobo.com, or Black Opal Books. (Also, the give-away on GoodReads for Stone Cold Sober is currently happening, so throw in your "hat" for a free book! Much better odds than the lottery!)

  Old Fashioned with a Twist   Cover

Old Fashioned with a Twist Cover

It’s mid-July. Former NYPD detective, Dana Cohen is very pregnant, several weeks away from her due date, and planning her wedding. Her father Sam is declining much more rapidly in the nursing home and hardly recognizes her anymore. She worries that he will never know his granddaughter. Then a phone call from Dana’s ex-husband Pete Fitzgerald turns her life into a tailspin. Pete’s fiancée, Caterina, has given birth to a baby boy who is now not much more than a month old. A doula Caterina was thinking of hiring came to Caterina’s apartment in Brooklyn. But when Caterina left to go to the bathroom, this woman absconded with the baby boy and basically vanished into thin air. Pete feels that Dana is the person who can investigate and secure the return of the baby. As tired and as pregnant as she is, Dana cannot resist taking on the case, despite the fact that it causes a great deal of conflict with Alex…