Here I am!

Here I am!

I have been writing, playing music, and singing for as long as I can remember. On January 13, 2018, Old Fashioned with a Twist, a Dana Cohen mystery book 4, joins the three other books in that series: On the Rocks, Four Shots Neat, and Stone Cold Sober. Check here for updates on those and other novels of mine that are in publication (Time Out) or will be in publication in the near future!

I got my first dog, a shaggy sheepdog named Fluffy, when I was four years old, but I was scared to death of him because he jumped a lot and was about as big as I was. I started playing the cello when I was in the 4th grade, even though I had to ask, "What is a cello?" But I always dreamed of playing the harp. As I got older, my love of dogs, especially herding dogs, increased, and it's hard to remember any time I haven't had at least one dog. My dog now is Moki, a Belgian Tervuren who is multi-talented--he has his AKC championship, he has been trained to herd sheep, and hopefully he may soon compete in a Rally Obedience trial.

I started playing the harp about two years ago, and I love it. Recently, I began playing a Colombian llanera harp, and that's been an incredibly joyful experience!

I also sing in MasterVoices, a New York City chorus that performs at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and other venues in the tri-state area; as well as Phoenix, a small group of serious singers interested in old music from the 16th century onward.

Here is Moki with my pedal harp!

Old Fashioned with a Twist  - Dana Cohen's fourth mystery

Old Fashioned with a Twist - Dana Cohen's fourth mystery