Time Out

Time Out is the next book to be published by Black Opal Books, hopefully early in 2017. It tells the story of Melanie Swift, a young woman who is badly injured in an unfortunate accident while on the way to work in New York City. Placed in a medically induced coma at the hospital, she finds herself waking up in the Boston of 1886, where she meets some very prominent people, including Isabella Stewart Gardner and John Singer Sargent, who is quite taken with her. She makes it her goal to ensure the success of two women she befriends: the black daughter of slaves, rescued on the Underground Railway, who becomes a brilliant doctor; and the sister of the doctor who rescues her, whom she steers to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ice skater. After her work in Boston is done, Melanie wakes up in the New York hospital, from where she has never left her bed, and finds that there are some amazing coincidences about the people she knows in the New York and those she met in Boston. 

About Time

Maggie Jones, a young lawyer in Boston in the early 21st century, is recovering from a painful divorce. Her best friend is trying to get her back out into the social whirl, when she is struck by lightning and wakes up in the first years of the 19th century in New York, on the shores of the Hudson River. Literally rescued by a young man on horseback, Ethan Danvers, she is introduced into his 1800s life and to his employer, Alexander Hamilton, whose children he tutors. Although Hamilton is thrown by the fact that she tells him she too is a lawyer, he eventually accepts her and has her help with the murder trial of a young woman falsely accused of murder. Maggie and Ethan marry, but on the first anniversary of their wedding, they are having a picnic on the hillside where he found her, and a lightning storm blows up before they can find shelter. Struck again, they wake up in Boston at the place from which Maggie originally disappeared.

About Face

In the second volume of the Maggie Jones/Ethan Danvers series, Ethan now finds himself in a century he does not recognize. His difficulty in acclimating to the new century is patent in the first part of the book, but eventually, Maggie is able to find him work doing what he loves, teaching. This time, he is teaching children how to horseback ride and an illiterate friend Julio, a friend he's made at the farm, how to read and write. While working at the farm, Ethan rebuffs the sexual advances of the owner, his boss Vera, who then turns the tables on him and falsely accuses him of embezzlement. One of Maggie's legal colleagues represents Ethan, and in the process of the investigation, he turns up some illegal activities at the farm. The charges are dropped, but Julio has disappeared, and Ethan cannot rest until his friend is found. Never quite feeling comfortable in the modern era, Ethan continues to fantasize about walking into a lightning storm.